Travel Safe!

Always Leave Home Without It
Don't bring anything with you that you can't live without or afford to lose (medications, your children, etc. not included).

When in Rome
It is not necessary to go completely native when visiting a foreign land, however, try not to stand out too much. Flashy clothes, expensive jewelry, and big cameras will peg you as a tourist very quickly.

A Cash Rarely Business
Traveling requires you to carry very small amounts of cash. Very few places in this world lack ATMs or don't take credit cards. Limit your cash to small bills and small amounts. Cash will generally only be necessary for such things as taxis, tips, etc...

Strength in Numbers
When possible stick to well traveled and well lit areas. It's not wise, especially at night, to travel alone. Further, crowded areas tend to be the safest, keeping in mind the next tip.

Everyone's Got Their Hand in Your Till
Pickpockets are everywhere. Pickpockets are generally very good at what they do. You are always a target wherever there are crowds. Use a money belt, put your wallet in your front pocket, put purse straps across and in front of your body, and most of all hope. Common sense will serve you well when dealing with this crafty criminal element.

When in Doubt, Get the Heck Out
If you feel unsafe, that you are being followed, or otherwise in trouble get away immediately. Go to a public area and contact the police if necessary. Act quickly - waiting will generally only heighten the risk.

Common Sense Rules Supreme
The info above should only be taken as general ideas, suggestions, and tips. You must use your own common sense and judgment to keep you and your possessions safe.

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