Fly for Less!

Book Early
Purchase your ticket as early as possible. At a minimum, purchase it at least two weeks before your trip. Don't get burned by last minute full fares.

Shop Around
Especially if you are looking on the internet. Different sites often come up with very different fares.

Be Flexible
If you can be flexible about the dates and times you fly, the savings can be significant.

Try Different Airports
Many big cities are often served by more than one airport. Flying into the smaller airport can often cut costs.

Last Minute Specials
Most major airlines offer some version of last minute fares on the internet. These fares are usually e-mailed to you the week you have to depart, so, if you can leave at the last minute they offer substantial savings.

Frequent Flyer Miles
It's free to sign up and you can acquire them without ever getting on a plane. Credit cars, hotels, and long distance services can also be used to acquire miles.

Travel Agents
Find a travel agent that will be your agent and work to find you the best deals on a consistent basis. If your travel agent never offers you discounts on hotels or car rentals, find a new one.

Keep Checking
Airfares are always changing. You should check for discounts or promotions at least twice a week to find a great fare.

Special Discounts
The elderly, the young and the military can often find special discounts. Most airlines offer reduced fares for students, senior citizens, and active military personnel. Just ask.

Be Wary
This will prevent you from getting ripped off. Travel scams are a dime a dozen, so be wary of any offer that seems to good to be true.

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