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When in Rome : A Journal of Life in Vatican City
This book is a collection of the best of his discoveries. Always with a sense of humor and a bottomless curiosity (sometimes irreverent, but never disrespectful), Hutchinson reveals how archaeologists found, then lost, the bones of St. Peter; he seeks erotic literature in the Vatican library to help him brush up on his Italian (when studying foreign languages he finds this genre increases his motivation to look up new words in the dictionary); he learns that "relics" in Rome range from right arms to foreskins; and devotes an entire chapter to the sex lives of the popes.
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Inside the Vatican
Stanfield was granted unprecedented access to areas rarely open to the public and spent nearly a year in collaboration with McDowell to create this extraordinary, behind-the-scenes tour of the Vatican, revealing its secrets and magnificent art treasures. 150 full-color photos.
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This opulent picture book takes the reader on a tour of the Vatican, its Museums, the Palaces, St. Peter's Basilica and all the other monuments. Historical background and descriptions of the major works of art are amply provided.
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A Stroll in the Vatican Gardens
From the Publisher In the urban desert, imprisoned by rivers of asphalt and cement, and deafened by the roar of traffic, the Vatican Gardens appear as an oasis of peace and tranquillity. A Stroll Through the Vatican Gardens is a delightful guidebook written by one of the most renowned scholars of Vatican history -- Dr. Eva Maria Jung Inglessis. Stroll through the pages filled with pictures, anecdotes and facts, as you are guided through one of the world's most prestigious and oldest gardens, representing 2,000 years of civilization. The gardens were cultivated on the tiny piece of land that serves as home to the Catholic Church and the origin of Christianity.
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