Vanuatu Books and Travel Guides

Lonely Planet Vanuatu
Another great travel guide from the Lonely Planet series.
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Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Vanuatu
This is a good book on some of the best diving in the world, some of the information is now out of date in that the MV Coriolis is no longer operating. You will need to go to a bit more trouble to dive the good stuff now, but it is worth it. Please note the "world class" diving in Vanuatu is available only via live-aboard. If you find my website there is a Vanuatu portfolio available for all to see.
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Vanuatu Country Study Guide
This study guide contains basic information on economy, government, business, history and geography, climate, traditions, people, places to visit. Provides information on government, political organizations, and more... Includes basic statistics, information on the most important business contacts and business travel. Updated annually.
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