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From the blue-tiled splendor of Tamerlane's Samarkand to the holy city of Bukhara and beyond, the desert-girdled khanate of Khiva, Uzbekistan lays claim to a breathtaking architectural legacy. This guide is the first to focus on the wealth of sites and colorful legends at the heart of Central Asia, plus the best of the rest--excursions covering the major attractions of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. 92 illustrations, 22 maps.
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Uzbekistan : Heirs to the Silk Road
From the second century, B.C., the Silk Road a more than 4,000-mile link between China and the Roman Empire served the trade of luxury goods, notably silk, and the spread of ideas about religion, culture, and art. The republic of Uzbekistan is home to several ancient urban centers along the Silk Road. The artistic and cultural history of the region through more than two millennia is complemented by 712 illus. 437 in color.
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The Modern Uzbeks : From the 14th Century to the Present : A Cultural History
In this study of the modern Uzbeks, Professor Edward A. Allworth provides a comprehensive and authoritative survey of an important group of Muslim people who live within the boundaries of the Soviet Union. After the Russians and the Ukrainians, the Uzbeks are the largest ethnic group in the Soviet Union and the strongest of a number of Muslim communities that populate the vast region of Central Asia.
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