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Camping Wyoming
Camping Wyoming is a new one-of-a-kind guidebook to camping options on the way, by the way and out-of-the-way in Wyoming. It includes over 400 camps (private, forest service, BLM, Game and Fish, city, county, etc.) of which 135 areas (with 1000's of campsites) are free. There are 87 hand-drawn maps and detailed directions with mileage to one-tenth of a mile. It is not a how-to book. It is a single source of information and direction for car camping in Wyoming.
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Flyfisher's Guide to Wyoming
With over 520 pages, this is the most comprehensive and accurate guide available for flyfishing Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park. Literally everything is covered with thorough descriptions, maps, hatch charts, fly shops and outfitters, and travel information. Ed Dentry's review in the Rocky Mountain News finished with this, "Only the terminally jaded may fail to find dozens of dream trip ideas in this guidebook."
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Hidden Wyoming
Wyoming features a blend of Old West history, natural beauty, and recreational opportunities. This handbook helps readers enjoy this diversity by mixing the popular with the little-known. Visitors will enjoy Jackson Hole's renowned vacation scene, and then travel to Gros Ventre River Ranch with its inexpensive log cabins and recreational offerings. Illustrations. 10 maps.
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Scenic Driving Wyoming
Take Scenic Driving Wyoming along to discover the grandeur of this vast and sparsely populated state. Thirty scenic routes showcase the spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife of Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks, the geologic anomaly of Devils Tower, the high and barren Red Desert, the great fishing at Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, and more.
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Logically arranged geographically with ample outstanding photographs of this spectacular state, adequate historical summary and clear highway guides.
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Wyoming Atlas & Gazetteer
Whether you want an up-close look at Yellowstone National Park or information on dude ranches, the Wyoming Atlas & Gazetteer has exactly what you're looking for. The detailed topographic maps show everything from glaciers to dry lakes. BLM and state lands are color-coded for immediate identification, and the location of ranches is also indicated. There is a series of maps showing the range of game birds and mammals.
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