United States: Great Lakes Books and Travel Guides

Fodors the Upper Great Lakes' Best Bed & Breakfasts : Delightful Places to Stay and Great Things to Do When You Get There
A compendium of delightful places to stay and great things to do when you get there. It is a complete vacation planner when visiting the Upper Great Lakes region. The Upper Great Lakes' Best Bed & Breakfasts identifies what is wonderful about each spot showcased with such pleasantries as fireplaces, four-poster beds, hot tubs, antique armoires, gourmet breakfasts, lavish teas, and more.
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Great Lakes Shipwrecks and Survivals
A look at the most spectacular shipwrecks and most incredible survivals in history recreates scenes of high courage and panic as it describes, among others, the three greatest killer storms in modern times.
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Midwest Living Great Lakes Getaways : All New
Full-color photos and handy area maps illustrate each of the 16 chapters in this convenient, glove-box-sized vacation guide by the travel writers of "Midwest Living" magazine. The book provides useful information on lodging, restaurants, shopping, museums, golf courses, and parks. Helpful information, including telephone numbers for tourism offices, is also included. 112 color photos, 20 color illustrations.
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The Smithsonian Guides to Natural America - The Great Lakes, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin
More than 180 full-color photographs and text describe the natural wonders of the Great Lakes region, from national parks to wilderness preserves and private sanctuaries, detailing the rich wildlife, scenic vistas, and other natural treasures. 35,000 first printing.
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State Parks on the Great Lakes : A Complete Outdoor Recreation Guide for Campers, Boaters, Anglers, Hikers and Beach Lovers
This book is a must for any boater around the Great Lakes. Too often, national press focuses on the East and West coasts when searching for great places to feature. This book provides a introduction to the "3rd Coast".
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