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Access California Wine Country
The 19 detailed neighborhood maps in this guide will help you immediately locate the hotels, restaurants, shops, and sight of California's Wine Country.
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Adventure Kayaking- Trips from Big Sur to San Diego: Includes the Channel Islands
A clear, well-written and enjoyable book on kayaking for the beginner, or advanced kayaker. The personal narratives helped me to "get inside" the experiences the author was having on his adventures. I thought that the maps, trip discriptions and photographs worked very well together and would truly assist me in having my own kayak adventures.
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Baja Handbook : Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas
Includes recommendations on hotels, resorts, and campgrounds, plus restaurant reviews, and extensive details on recreational activities. 69 photos. 50 illustrations. 50 maps.
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Benchmark California Road & Recreation Atlas
Benchmark's exclusive Landscape Maps give a 3-D effect to the land forms through color and shaded relief. Travelers will find it easy to explore the highways and back roads of the Golden State with this award-winning atlas. Special maps are included of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and wine tasting regions.
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The California Coast : A Traveler's Companion
Emphasizing hidden beaches and affordable lodging and dining, this travel companion covers the entire coast, from San Diego to Redwood National Park. 75 photos. 40 maps
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California Traveler's Companion
The "Traveler's California Companion" accompanies you from the low deserts of Death Valley to lush national parks and along the rugged Pacific coast. You will explore the majestic redwood forests and the redolent wine-rich northern valleys. You will follow the traces of the gold rush and discover cultural highlights from San Francisco to the dream town of Los Angeles and on down south to San Diego, uncovering the contrasts, colors and variety that have made California legend.
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California Beaches : The Only Guide to the Best Places to Swim, Play, Eat, and Stay on Every Beach in the Golden State
The authors exhaustively list and describe each California beach--from the classic sunny Southern California model to the ruggedly beautiful Mendocino Coast variety. And they convey the ambiance of each place by chronicling every activity, restaurant, lodging, nightclub, arcade and hangout within walking distance of the beach. 25 maps
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California Camping : The Complete Guide to More Than 50,000 Campsites for Tenters, Rvers, and Car Campers
Stienstra explores more than 50,000 campsites and provides easy-to-follow directions; information on fees, reservations, and facilities; and the secrets to finding the best spots. Photos. 60 maps.
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California Hiking : The Complete Guide to 1,000 of the Best Hikes in California
In this new edition, all trail specifics have been updated with synopses of the each area's outstanding features, environmental status, and "report cards" grading particular hikes for beauty, side trips, and secret spots. 63 maps.
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California State Parks : A Complete Recreation Guide
Covers some 200 parks and outdoor areas by region, including how to get there, what to do, park season, hours, fees, facilities, reservation procedures, and facts on plants, animals, history, and geology.
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Coastal California
Author John Doerper seamlessly blends cultural and natural history, practical information, and vivid descriptions, accompanied by renowned photographer Galen Rowell's splendid color photographs. The perfect guide for tourists and locals alike.
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