Tonga Books and Travel Guides

Lonely Planet Tonga
If your going to Tonga, you don't want to leave without this guide from the Lonely Planet series.
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Tonga-Samoa Handbook
Travelers will be lured to the region by David Stanley's inviting presentation of legends about demigods and directions to the undersea caves and canyons in Tonga. Stanley also provides a brief history of tattooing rituals and suggestions on where to find budget breakfast bowls of cocoa and rice in Western Samoa. The informed, compact guide to Western, or "old," Polynesia profiles beautiful Samoa, fascinating Pago Pago, traditional Tonga (where a king still rules), and friendly Niue.
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Ancient Tonga & the Lost City of Mu'a
This book takes the reader into the maritime realm of the first seafarers of the Pacific Ocean. Most fascinating of the ancient cith of Mu where the first pan-Pacific maritime university trained sailing fleets to discover and chart this very ancient part of the world. Delves a little bit into possible ties with Lemuria and other lost lands of the Pacific.-- Customer Review
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