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Country Review, Tajikistan 1998/1999
Commercial Data International's (CDI) Country Reviews are concise, up-to-date sources for political and economic information on the 190 nations defined by the U.S. State Department as Independent States of the World, plus Serbia and Montenegro. In addition, data on Hong Kong and Taiwan are included in the Country Review for China.
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Tajikistan (Then & Now)
The usual topics of geography, history, economics, and environmental concerns are covered without minimalizing the problems that have arisen in the two countries since independence. Maps and color photographs complement the informative texts.
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Tajikistan : The Trials of Independence
Since its independence in 1991 Tajikistan has suffered a painful series of political crises followed by a civil war, still unresolved, whose repercussions extend far beyond its borders. This work examines the causes of the turmoil, and analyses, through the case of Tajikistan, social and political dynamics at work throughout Central Asia. The book is the work of eleven Central Asian experts from different disciplinary backgrounds, and provides new insight into questions as varied as clan and...
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