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Lonely Planet Pakistan
Includes listings of all the best places to stay, from campsites to restore mansions, and tips on how to get to Pakistan from China, Iran, or India. of color photos. 88 maps.
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Lonely Planet Karakoram Highway
I bought this book and just went through it. Actually I wanted to visit the Northern Areas of Pakistan and after reading this book I felt that I have visited the areas which even I have'nt heard about.If someone is planning to travel through Pakistan or China(Karakoram Highway)one should have read it to enjoy the travel throughly. Reader Review
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Cultural Atlas of India : India, Pakistan, Nepal, Butan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka
About a fifth of humankind live in the countries of the Indian subcontinent - India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka - which are the subject of this atlas. The region has been home to complex human societies from very ancient times. Two of the world's major religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, came into being there, as many Muslims have lived there as in the rest of the world together, and it has sheltered, or given birth to, several important religious minorities. This atlas sets out to provide an introduction to India's rich cultural history, its social and political organization, religions, arts and architecture, literature and science. The themes of the atlas are to show that while the Indian subcontinent is in many ways culturally distinct, at no stage in its history has it been cut off from its neighbors or immune from external influences.
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K2 : Triumph and Tragedy
Before the 1996 Everest disaster made that mountain synonymous with tragedy at 8,000 meters, there was K2. More technical in most routes than Everest, the world's second-highest peak is considered the ultimate achievement by many mountaineers. In 1986 K2 claimed the lives of 13 climbers in nine different parties attempting its summit. Author Jim Curran was on the mountain during the ordeal, and through narrative and photographs, Curran documents the sagas of success, failure, and tragedy in a fateful year that captured the world's attention. Alongside the terror of avalanches, crevasses, and horrific storms are stories of bravery and the indomitable human spirit.
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Culture Shock!: Pakistan
You'll never feel intimidated and awkward about the customs and etiquette of another country again. With the insights provided in this CULTURE SHOCK! Guide, you'll learn to see beyond the stereotypes and misinformation that often precede a visit to a foreign land. Whether you plan to stay for a week or for a year, you'll benefit from such topics as understanding the rules of driving and monetary systems, religious practices and making friends. There are tips on political traditions, building business relationships, and the particular intricacies of setting up a home or office. Great for the business traveler, the foreign ...
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