Nicaragua Books and Travel Guides

The Sharks of Lake Nicaragua
What Mr. White is good at is finding the unbeaten path to nowhere and teaching the reader how to follow his example. . . . And what he is very good at is evoking the scene once he gets there.--NY Times Review
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Nicaragua Guide : Spectacular and Unspoiled
In a new era of peace, Nicaragua is being re-discovered for its world-class resorts, colonial cities where time stood still, its artisans, untouched rain forest, the world's most spectacular volcano park, and much more. Find out about all the attractions, along with accommodations, how to get around, where the bargains are, and how to get the most out of your trip. Hundreds of value-minded tips make this the premier practical guide to this little-known country, as well as a valuable reference...
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Adventuring in Central America
Enjoy a survey of one of the lushest wildlife areas of the world: an outdoor-oriented journey which covers private parks and reserves as well as lesser-known wildlife areas. Adventuring in Central America is an excellent review of the parks and their offerings: a title which profiles the best of Central American outdoors experiences.--Midwest Book Review
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The Jaguar Smile : A Nicaraguan Journey
First published in 1987, Rushdie's astonishing portrait of this tiny volcanic country shows readers the true Nicaragua never quite grasped or revealed in the headlines. Brilliant and haunting this profile of the people, politics, land, and poetry of Nicaragua fully demonstrates novelist Rushdie's prowess as a discerning political journalist.
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Nicaragua : A Guide to the People, Politics and Culture
"Nicaragua in Focus" is an authoritative and up-to-date guide to this fascinating country. It explores the land, history and politics (including the crucial and difficult relationship with the U.S.), economy, society and people, culture and environment, and includes tips on where to go and what to see. Color and b&w photos, maps.
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