Micronesia Books and Travel Guides

Adventuring in the Pacific : Polynesia Melanesia Micronesia
Adventuring in the Pacific guides travelers through 15 South Pacific island nations, a region five times the size of the continental United States. This vast area covers all of Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia, and offers a spectacular range of natural attractions -- volcanic formations, highlands, atolls, coral reefs, lagoons, waterfalls, and beaches -- harboring a broad variety of birds, animals, plant life, and marine creatures.
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Lonely Planet Micronesia : A Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit
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Micronesia Handbook
The only guide to all four great Pacific archipelagoes, Micronesia Handbook invites water lovers to this diver's paradise which also features a diverse terrain of high volcanic islands and flat sandy atolls where contemporary cultures dwell and ancient civilizations flourished. Travelers will appreciate Levy's insights into the dramatic changes in the region during recent years.
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