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Globetrotter Travel Pack Malta
All the information you need on a destination in one handy pack. This exciting new addition to the Globetrotter range offers exceptional value for money by combining Guide and Map in a pocket-sized, plastic wallet. Each pack contains the relevant Globetrotter Travel Guide and a full-size Travel Map folded to fit the wallet.
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Geared for British and Australian travelers with special information for gays and kids, it tends toward such colloquialisms as "Ftira, another scrummy local bread, is harder to find; it looks like a huge sun-tanned Polo mint." Most of the guide is devoted to the history of Malta, helpful if you are trying to get up to speed quickly on the subject.
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  Malta and Gozo (Blue Guides)
Very compact guide on what to see and how to get there. The hotel listing is a bit brief - not much more than a list and it shows only 10 restaurants for the whole island. Good historical review and handy maps. Very helpful for the travelling tourist.
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