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Hong Kong Handbook : Including Macau and Guangzhou
With revised sections on politics and government and complete updates on all listings, "Hong Kong Handbook" reveals the Chinese heart beating within this exciting city. Business travelers will appreciate the coverage of the city's transportation system and economic transformation. Tourists will turn to the sections on traveling with kids and information on fishing and the hiking trails. 40 photos. 70 illustrations. 10 charts. 50 maps .
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Maverick Guide to Hong Kong, MacAu, and South China
China's most dynamic area. Covering transportation, sightseeing, hotels, dining, events, shopping, entertainment, culture, geography, and the main points of interest for visitors, this guide will get you ready for a trip and act as a reference there. Excellent aid for business travel.
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Rough Guide Hong Kong and MacAu (Hong Kong and MacAu
Honk Kong is an exciting, crowded, fun and interesting place. It's a great place for a westerner to begin exploring Asia-a true blend of east and west. The Rough Guide should be your guide of choice.
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