Indonesia Books and Travel Guides

Bali Handbook
Bill Dalton's Handbook is the most comprehensive and compact source of information on travel to and in Bali. This guide provides current, practical info on everything to do with Bali: history, geography, culture, places to go, how to go, when, where to eat.... You name it, it's in here.
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Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Bali and the Komodo Region
An essential guide to the diving and snorkeling spots. Information about dive operators is included.
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Eat Smart in Indonesia : How to Decipher the Menu Know the Market Foods & Embark on a Tasting Adventure
A comprehensive, readable survey of the whole scope of Indonesian gastronomy. It confers savvy to partake as fully and gloriously of Indonesian food as desired and is essential reading for any "foodie" visiting this vast archipelago.
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Fielding's Birding Indonesia : Fielding's In-Depth Guide to Birding on the World's Largest Archipelago
As fine a guide (to the region, the logistics, and the birds) as you could want. Take the chapter on Maluku, for example. An easy reference page tells you at once that the ferry to Halmahera takes an hour, basic accommodations are available at Anu's Birdwatcher's Home, it's hot and humid always and very wet April through August, and that Standardwings and Invisible Rails, plus 24 other indigenous, rare species, are there for the viewing.
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Indonesia's 13,677 islands harbor hundreds of mammal species, birds, and insects. Its people originate from 300 ethnic groups encompassing all Asian cultures and religions. This guide shows readers the best Indonesia has to offer and also includes a generous selection of excerpts from literature about the region such as that written by V.S. Naipaul and David Attenborough.
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Lonely Planet Indonesia
With 200 detailed maps and a 32-page full-color arts and crafts section, this practical guide is an essential tool for all travelers to Bali, Irian Jaya, Java, Sumatra, and other Indonesian islands. The guide includes an eight-page guide on the best surfing, the lowdown on where to stay and eat for all budgets, and transportation details, from canoes to jet-powered ferries. color. 200 maps.
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Maverick Guide to Bali and Java
Plantation covered plains, lush forests, rugged mountains, sandy beaches, bountiful coral reefs, live volcanoes, and friendly people are all here. Turner explains the weather, geography, flora and fauna, local food, useful phrases, and lists the finest as well as budgetpriced accommodations and restaurants. Includes maps and distance tables.
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The Rough Guide to Indonesia
An essential and exquisite guide to this explorer's paradise. Intrepid Rough Guides authors bring you the latest from jewel-like Bali, through the vast rainforests and peaks of Irian Jaya, the jungles and rivers of Kalimantan, the highlands of Sulawesi, and the far-flung volcanic islands of Maluku. You'll find details on the best places to eat, dive, trek, and find wildlife, and practicalities of travel in the remotest corners of the archipelago. With 128 maps and 12 pages of color photos.
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