Honduras Books and Travel Guides

Honduras : Adventures in Nature
Honduras has everything the nature-loving traveler looks for on an eco-vacation: bird-rich forests, majestic waterfalls, rediscovered archaeological sites, white sand beaches, untamed rivers, and a magnificent coral reef. This guide provides the very latest on what awaits the visitor in this largely undiscovered country. Photos, many in color. Maps .
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Honduras and Bay Islands Guide
Little-known, even less explored, Honduras is a destination for in-the-know travellers seeking, deserted beaches, spectacular diving, rain-forest adventure, colonial cities, and remote tribes living independently of the modern world. Paul Glassman and J. P. Panet put you in the know as well, with all the practical details and insider tips that will make for an unforgettable trip, along with historical and cultural background to be treasured for reminisces and reference.
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Honduras Handbook : Including the Bay Islands and Copan
Providing invaluable information on rainforest adventures, coral diving, mountain hiking and selected beaches, "Honduras Handbook" is the first truly comprehensive guide to this largely unspoiled area. 40 photos & illustrations. 22 maps.
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Live Well in Honduras : How to Relocate, Retire, and Increase Your Standard of Living
Honduras offers a lower cost of living than Costa Rica, Belize, or Mexico; amenable tax, real estate, and investment laws; and more ease in starting a business than can be found in any other country in the region. This book provides the only complete guide to retirement living in this increasingly popular Central America destination. 25 photos.
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