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Blue Guide Athens
Athens is a unique, ancient city, surrounded by countryside rich in Byzantine churches and monasteries as well as the awesome Acropolis. As a major cultural destination for anyone interested in classical history, this guide provides up-to-date and in-depth details on museums, churches, monasteries, and archaeological sites, accompanied by many plans. There is also a detailed street map, color maps of Attica, and suggestions for excursions out of the city.
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Crete : The Rough Guide
Fisher and Garvey review the best of the beaches, bring the best of the Minoan and ancient sites to life, and steer visitors through the fames Samarian gorge as well as less explored routes, in this "excellent and characterfully written" ("The Times") guidebook. of color photos. 25 maps.
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Fodor's Exploring the Greek Islands
Beyond the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, the Greek islands enchant travelers with their mesmerizing relics of legendary past civilizations. Exploring the Greek Islands illuminates the old and new to create a comprehensive look at island life. Color photos.
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The Food of Greece/Cooking, Folkways, and Travel in the Mainland and Islands of Greece
Recipes in The Food of Greece, integrate qualities of the land, people, and cultural history. When serving dishes you cook from this book, your conviviality inspires the clinking of glasses toasting the future with friends: "Yeia-Hara" (To your health and happiness).
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Greece : The Rough Guide
Absolutely the only book for Greece if you (a) like good food and nightlife and (b) have a serious interest in the cultural context of Ancient Greece.
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Lonely Planet Greece
This guide covers sites on and off the beaten track and contains extensive choices for places to stay and eat, detailed background on history, culture, art, and mythology and a handy language guide. There is comprehensive coverage of ancient sites as well as recommendations for outdoor activities ranging from skiing Mt. Parnassos to water sports off Lefkada. 16-page full-color section on art and architecture. 130 maps. 18-page color insert .
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Make Your Journey To Greece An Unforgettable Experience
The objective of this book is two-fold: to acquaint the visitor with the history, culture, long tradition, lores and the beauty of this captivating land called:"Hellas/Greece", on the other hand, to provide relevant information in order to make this tour as exciting, exhilarating, enjoyable and as worry-free as possible. It is designed to accommodate by presenting facts and recommendations necessary to anyone visiting a foreign country
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A Traveller's History of Greece
This is an excellent summary of Greek history, particularly interesting on the period after 1453 usually glossed over in standard 'patriotic' accounts. The authors plot a course through the political minefields with great skill, dealing with hot-potatoes like the War of Independence and the Civil War with admirable detachment and clarity.
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