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Bradt Guide to Estonia
Estonia is the smallest and most northerly of the Baltic States, yet it offers remarkably diverse architectural and scenic attractions. The medieval capital of Tallinn, with its narrow cobbled streets and air of timelessness, repays a visit in its own right, while those with more time can explore further afield to newly restored manor houses, pristine national parks, and the wild beauty of hate western islands. For the second edition of the Bradt guide to Estonia, author Neil Taylor has delved into the nation's history to help the reader make sense of the complexities which have formed the Estonian landscape and character. With balanced coverage of the country's attractions, backed up by essential practical information, this is the guide for every visitor.
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Lonely Planet Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania
Covering the Baltic States and Kalningrad, this Travel Survival Kit includes a new post-independence history section, information for all budgets on what to see and do, and tips on dining and accommodations. Includes sections on the Baltic languages and Russian. in color. 60 maps.
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