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Conozca El Salvador
Jeff Brauer, et al, have given us an insight into the real guts of El Salvador. The detail regarding real people - artisans, shopkeepers, workers and characters - is just what one needs to have a truly great adventure in El Salvador.
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El Salvador
Magnum photographer Larry Towell first traveled to El Salvador in 1986 as a member of a human rights delegation. Towell's photographs take a compelling look at a tumultuous country racked by civil war until the early 1990s, but where, amid brutality and death, there is still a harsh beauty as people grieve, wash clothes, nurse infants, and forage for food. 62 photos
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On Your Own in El Salvador
On Your Own In El Salvador includes an in-depth, clearly-written historical and cultural sections. Comprehensive travel information for cities and towns across El Salvador are included along with 47 clear and detailed street and regional maps. Dozens of culture boxers that examine every aspect of Salvadoran life, from politics to mythology.
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