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Egypt Guide
Few destinations in the world are more worth visiting than Egypt, a land laden with ancient monuments of unsurpassed splendor and presently inhabited by a people whose generosity and kindness is unmatched. Anybody considering a visit to Egypt shoudl read all that they can, including "Egypt Guide."
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Fodor's Egypt
Capturing the best of Egypt's colorful culture and rich history, this new guide includes a special Nile cruise chapter to help readers plan the best of all possible trips. Maps
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Knopf Guide Egypt
An insightful and complete reference work that includes information about all aspects of Egypt, from ancient times to today. This book makes understanding Egypt's long, varied, and sometimes complicated history easier. I lead groups to Egypt each year and this is my number one recommendation for them. The illustrations of the temples and tombs are the easiest way to gain an understanding as to their original grandeuer and how they really looked back then. Highly recommended.
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Lonely Planet Cairo
"This guide is the most accurate and well-written travel book that I have ever purchased. I took it everywhere. It honestly told me what to expect - good and bad. I am certain that my positive travelling experience would have been different without it. Please buy this book over its rivals it is indispensible!"
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Lonely Planet Egypt
Fully updated and expanded, this practical guide is the ideal companion for exploring Egypt's legendary attractions. It offers practical information for all budgets, information on outdoor activities (from snorkeling to camel safaris), over 91 new or thoroughly updated maps, and notes on shopping for local crafts. In addition, there is information on newly opented sites, including the Tomb of Nefertari. of color illustrations.
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The Rough Guide to Egypt
"I recently took a trip to Egypt, While there I had a copy of the Rough Guide, it was a real help and I could not have been able to stay as long as I did had it not been for the information that the Rough Guide provided me. I would highly recomend this book if you have any intentions of being in this area of the world."
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Travel Guide Egypt
This concise, user-friendly text is packed with full-color photographs, maps, and climate charts to enable visitors to make the very most of the time available. This book is produced in a geographical format with itineraries and excursions for independent travelers. The book contains panels that highlight the best that the country has to offer. The color-coding makes it very easy to reference. Written with the first-time visitor in mind by authors who have an intimate knowledge of the country, Globetrotter guides recommend worthwhile sights and places of interest to visit; offer advice on where to stay, eat and shop, and suggest enjoyable excursions from major centers.
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The Traveler's Key to Ancient Egypt : A Guide to the Sacred Places of Ancient Egypt
To appreciate the extraordinary treasures of ancient Egypt, a traveler needs an extraordinary guidebook. The Traveler's Key explains the deeper meaning and spiritual significance of Egypt's art and architecture and includes West's startling evidence for redating the Sphinx. 100 illustrations. 75 photos.
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