Cyprus Books and Travel Guides

Blue Guide Cyprus
Blue Guide Cyprus brings to life the history of this beguiling island. All major archaeological sites are explored and descriptions are given of collections in all the major and minor museums. The author provides indispensable practical advice on how to get around the island, where to stay, and what to eat-all you need to get the most out of this fascinating Mediterranean destination.
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Cyprus (Cadogan Guides)
You will find not only the regular tourist sites listed, but also those out of the way gems that few have discovered. A very complete and thorough guide to Cyprus.
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Guide to North Cyprus
An excellent book full of info about this little known country. Photos are good, narrative is easy and very informative. I particularly liked the section dealing with accommodation. It put my mind at rest about "occupied greek hotels". It seems that only 3 or 4 Greek Cypriot owned hotels are available in north Cyprus. All the others have been built since the war in 1974.
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