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Colombia (Ulysses Travel Guides)
The Ulysses Travel Guide COLOMBIA invites you to discover this spectacular country, from the exotic beaches of the island of San Andres, to Santafe de Bogota, the country's captivating capital tucked away high in the Andes. Meet the Wayuu people who live in the desert region of the La Guajira Peninsula, and visit Medellin, the city of artists, and Cali, the city of flowers.
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Colombia Handbook
All the essentials you need to know to get around safely in the South American country. Transportation, lodging, food and sightseeing are all covered here.
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Lonely Planet Colombia
This book has lots of interesting out of the road tips and tricks to make the stay more enjoyable. Some attractions are unknown even for locals.
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Panoramic Colombia
The wide angle photography gives you a pespective that can only be beaten by being there. It feels like you are truly in the picture. Countyside and City are equally represented. As are the mountains, the coastal regions and the jungle.
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