Chile Books and Travel Guides

Chile offers a marvelous array of landscapes, from spectacular beaches to mighty glaciers. From Cordillera to Rapa Nui, Santiago, and Easter Island, this complete guide to Chile offers a wealth of practical and cultural information on this fascinating land
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Chile Guide : Be a Traveler - Not a Tourist
Beautiful coastal waters, untouched wildernesses, world-famous wineries--Chile offers a variety of wonderful options to the traveler who is looking for more than tourism. "Chile Guide" covers these choices in captivating descriptions. 12 maps.
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Lonely Planet Trekking in the Patagonian Andes
This is a fantastically comprehensive guide to the trekking areas of the Patagonian Andes. Intelligently laid out with very well-researched maps and local information, it also manages to give a comprehensive overview of what each area has to offer, without being exhaustive. It gives you just enough information to get you out there and discovering on your own.
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Travel Companion Chile and Easter Island
The definitive guide to this mystical region, the Chile & Easter Island Travel Companion is a must for anyone heading here. Over 460 towns and cities are profiled in depth, with another 2,000 villages, lakes, spas and other sites of interest thrown in for good measure. Color regional maps give a general lay of the land, while 99 town maps offer high detail in the communities.
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