Burma Books and Travel Guides

Lonely Planet Myanmar Burma
Thoroughly revised and enlarged to include areas just recently opened to travelers, this guide features updated and expanded sections on accommodation and transportation options for a wide range of travel budgets and time frames. Includes 25 detailed maps of towns, cultural sites and regions, many for areas where no other maps exist. in full color.
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Burma (Myanmar)
Takes the reader to the far corners of this remote country. Extensive illustrations include fascinating archival material. Detailed background on the history, religion and people of Burma. Personal observations from an author who knows the country extremely well. Indispensable practical information. Evokes the magic and mystery of what was once Asia's richest nation.
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Insight Guides Burma
A practical guide to exploring the country. Contains the usual information about food, lodging and sightseeing.
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  Culture Shock!: Burma
Tips on political traditions, building business relationships, and the particular intricacies of setting up a home or office. Great for the business traveler, the foreign exchange student, or the tourist who makes a sincere attempt to cross the bridge into a new and exciting culture.
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