Bulgaria Books and Travel Guides

Blue Guide Bulgaria
Bulgaria's best-kept secrets include historic towns and villages, frescoed churches, and fine beaches unspoiled by development. This new guide offers a wealth of history, with practical information for tourist and business traveler alike. 8 maps and plans. 25 illustrations.
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Bulgaria, A Travel Guide
A guide to all Bulgaria has to offer; history; culture and sightseeing.
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The Rough Guide to Bulgaria, 4th edition
The Rough Guide is your passport to Bulgaria's medieval citadels, Byzantine ruins, secluded fishing villages, local vineyards, and the country's famous rose plantations. You'll find detailed coverage of hiking, climbing, and skiing, and sun-drenched getaways along the coast. Includes 36 maps and 8 pages of color photos.
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  Bulgaria : Euro Cart - Country Map
Use this map to plan your trip and then take it with you.
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