Bermuda Books and Travel Guides

Fielding's Bermuda
The Crystal Caves, the 17th-century Verdmont mansion, Tom Moore's Tavern and Gibbs Hill Lighthouse are some of the unusual sightseeing ideas in Fielding's Bermuda. Tailor your vacation to suit your particular interests with this famous in-depth guide. 40 photos, maps and 3-D tour guides.
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Fodor's 99 Bermuda
Fresh, thorough, practical information - on or off the beaten path.
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Frommer's 2000 Bermuda
Up to date and useful information for savoring your island experience.
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Bermuda, A World Apart
A photographic-essay coffee-table book about the island of Bermuda. It covers, in photographs, paintings, maps, and text Bermuda's history, culture, people, flora, fauna, geography, and scenery.
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Bermuda: Gardens and Houses
With more than 200 stunning color photographs by Ian Macdonald-Smith (and a few black-and-white photos from the 1930s), Shorto takes the reader on a tour of this utopia, offering breathtaking views of beaches, harbors, and lagoons, of stately homes with lavish parlors, dining rooms, and kitchens, and of some of the most beautiful subtropical gardens on earth.
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