Bahamas Books and Travel Guides

The Bahamas Cruising Guide
The first new guide in 46 years to cover the entire 700-mile Bahamas chain-more than 700 islands covering 90,000 square miles of ocean.
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Bahamas Guide : Be a Traveler Not a Tourist!
Interesting approach for a guidebook. It suggests itineraries and gives details for the trips. Gives real prices, not $ signs.
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The Caribbean & The Bahamas
This book provides an overview of all the area has to offer and plenty of details to enhance your stay.
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  Fielding's Bahamas
The ultimate independent guide to the Bahamas! Discover the magic of these dazzling islands in the sun. Rather than taking a cookie-cutter, catch-all island approach, Fielding's Bahamas covers each island as a separate destination, guiding travelers to those spots which meet their vacation needs.
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Frommer's Portable Bahamas
For the short-term traveler who insists on value and doesn't want to pack a full-size guidebook, here's the perfect traveling companion. This pocket-sized guide selects the very best of the Bahamas and presents it all at a glance--the latest on hotels, restaurants, sightseeing, shopping and nightlife
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Pelican Guide to the Bahamas (2000 edition) with CD-ROM
The first completely interactive travel guide, complete with a free interactive CD. This thoroughly updated guide for the independent traveler covers everything of note on the traditional vacation spots, as well as many of the increasingly popular Out Islands.
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