Atlantic Ocean Books and Travel Guides

Beneath the North Atlantic
In this excellent book, the author's fascinating text describes the biology and behaviour of a selection of this marine life, starting with the Plankton, and moving through the various others groups such as Porifera, Cnidarians, Mollusks, and Echinoderms, to finish with the large animals.
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Deep Atlantic : Life, Death, and Exploration in the Abyss
A history of deep-sea exploration and research into the vast unknown world of the Atlantic Ocean examines the undersea world's strange and wonderful fauna and flora and their unique environment.
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The Last Days of the Titanic : Photographs and Mementos of the Tragic Maiden Voyage
This book boasts several photos of unique interest, including the only known clear shot of the part of the ship that remains almost intact today, the forecastle, which hit bottom first.
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