Antarctica Books and Travel Guides

The harsh ice-bound landscape that is Antarctica has been the subject of constant fascination and study since humans first set foot on this frozen continent in 1821. This book has some breathtaking studies of the white wilderness and its inhabitants by Gerald Cubitt, Ken Findlay, and Roger Mear; Bruce Herrod's portrait of a scientist with a frozen beard sends chills down the spine.
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Antarctica : The Last Continent
National Geographic's volume displaying the vast beauty of this continent.
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Antarctica: A Guide to the Wildlife
Photos and information about the birds and other animals indiginous to Antartica.
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Lonely Planet Antarctica : A Survival Kit
In addition to a thorough and succinct history section, useful overviews of Antarctic tour companies, information about how to plan your trip, detailed maps, and interesting facts about the places you'll visit, this book includes a 32-page color wildlife guide that introduces you to Chinstrap penguins, elephant seals, and eight types of whales.
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Time on Ice: A Winter Voyage to Antarctica
"Time on Ice" is the story of an expedition by two extremely well prepared and experienced high latitude sailors who execute with near perfection a well thought out plan to winter in Antarctica. Sharing their experience and knowledge, they tell in excellent fashion, the incredible tale of "overwintering" in a land of magnificent beauty reserved for the few capable of enduring it's demanding climate.
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